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Can help you to maintain a consistent tempo while playing any instrument
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PC Metronome is a very basic but useful tool, ideal for beginner musicians: it can help you to maintain a consistent tempo while you're playing any instrument. Maintaining the tempo in a song may be a little difficult if the rhythm is hard to perform, more so if many instruments are being played at the same time.

The PC Metronome's graphic user interface is very simple. It has a display that shows the actual tempo, includes buttons for adjusting the volume and tempo, and has a Tap button that allows you to automatically select a different tempo. At the left of the display is a led that turns on only when the main beat is played. The right led turns on when each tempo subdivision is played. You can adjust the tempo speed from 30 to 300 beats per minute. In the settings window you can adjust the tempo from 1 to 6 subdivisions for the required rhythm. Also you can change the tick sounds and set the PC Metronome's GUI to stay always on top. For rhythms with beat subdivisions the tick sounds are alternated.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can visually and audibly play a tempo from 30 to 300 BPM, and use. 1 to 6 beat subdivisions


  • The trial version can be used only for 30 days
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